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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Xiao S (Dee) 3rd Child ~ Xu Ma Ma Calls Cut

Little S (Dee Xu) is calling cuts for 3rd pregnancy! Earlier she and her husband Xu Ya Jun accepted a magazine interview, mentioning since marrying the past 2 year's most satisfying was the birth of her 2 daughters, in the future hoping the family of 4 or 5 will all sit together to read books, watch tv, talk, really wanting to get a boy for the Xu family is what Xiao S has always hoped for, but Xu ma ma actually said: "first stop a moment, she's giving birth too closely, the two daughters ages are too close, afraid of conflict."

Xiao S admits she and Xu Ya Jun have life style habbits, won't allow any mess, the two also love children, "in the past after work you would go out to play with friends, now not having to work, you just want to be with the family and husband." Xiao S also said: "To love someone you have to love them forever til old, until death with no change."

The couple's relationship is really well, Xiao S really loves children, Xu Yan Jun said: "She never gets mad at children, uses Chinese, English etc. to comunicate with children, EQ is so high, really admire her." Xiao S says: "He knows how to do interior designing, the home my children and I live in was taken care all by himself, every inch every effort is his love."

But because the two daughters age is too close just about 1 year, because the elder Xu Qiao Niu didn't understand why her parent's have "changed hearts" loving the younger sister, then she and younger sis Lily will have conflict.

Sensitive Xu Ma Ma seen in the eye, have discussed with her daughter and son in law, the two have decided that there's no rush to have the 3rd one, Xu ma ma said: "Xi Di had birth straight after one, didn't really rest, is not good for the body, it's also not good for the child, for the next pregnancy I suggest she stretch out the time, she's still young, no rush."

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