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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jay Chou bought a ‘bat car’. Jimmy Lin challenged him to a race

Jay Chou’s ex-girlfriend Patty Hou just found a new lover and Jay’s new girlfriend has surfaced. It’s the TWD40M ‘bat car’, Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR722 Edition that he asked his friend to import from abroad. With the antique cars that he has accumulated he’s now the ‘new car king’ in showbiz. It’s enough to threaten Jimmy Lin’s ‘car god’ status. Yesterday, jimmy challenged Jay to a charity race that Jimmy is sponsoring at year’s end.

Jay, the antique car fanatic asked his mom to let him buy a new car. With a net worth estimated to be over TWD500M jay owns almost 20 antique cars. His mother joked that he bought home a pile of junk. In order to convince his mom he told her, “Aaron Kwok bought several and 陳小春 made so much from real estate investments”. His mom finally gave in and he got his dream “bat car” SLR722.

Jay was going to show off his ‘bat car’ in the new MV, but he couldn’t resist and drove it out. The upswing car doors attracted attention and his car was exposed.

After the pro racer Jimmy Lin, who owns a racing team and is the ‘car god’ of showbiz with a net worth over TWD$1B, found out in Shanghai yesterday that Jay bought a ‘bat car’ the racer blood in jimmy started to boil. Jimmy sent a challenge to Jay thru his manager to invite jay to the charity star race that he is sponsoring at year’s end. Jimmy said, “I welcome Jay to race on the speedway.”

When asked about his new car, Jay’s agency refused to answer and said they couldn’t get hold of him. His friend 劉畊宏 said, “Don’t ask me. Ask him.” But he didn’t deny that Jay bought a new car.

Vic Chou also bought a new TWD15M Lamborghini and owns 5 cars now, more than the 3 that Jimmy Lin owns. Vic will cruise around in his new car after work and lose the tailing paparazzi.

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