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Friday, May 30, 2008

Barbie Xu & Joe Cheng signed up for new series "Love or Bread"

Zai Zai and Joe Cheng's fate keep crossing because Honey & Clover and Wish To See You Again are rivals on TV. And now Barbie will be acting with Joe in the new drama. On the first screening of H&C, Joe said at least H&C's ratings will be higher then WTSYA which caused an uproar. But it turned out to be true. However, compared to Fated to Love You, the difference between them was quite big.

Joe's role in this new drama will be someone who on the outside he looks rich but actually he's poor and has a huge amount of credit card debts. This is rather similar to ZZ's previous drama Poor Prince Taro. It is said things might be a bit awkward between Barbie and Joe because Barbie used to date ZZ and Joe was a good friend of Xu Wei Lun who had previously dated ZZ. But Joe says he has always been a fan of Barbie even before he debuted. He would buy their CDs and stuff.

Regarding the bed scenes, he had one in TKA and one in H&C so they say he's the "Qing Se Pai Ou Xiang' which is like an idol who has lots of bed scenes.

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