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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ethan Ruan "Wrapped" Value Jumps 3 Levels

TV, SETTV idol drama "Fated to Love You" ratings broke records, male lead Ethan Ruan became famous, his value also follows to increase by 3 levels, the next drama is confirmed to adjust the pricing from 30-50%. Worried that the time they spent to train their artist takes dibs by other stations, SETTV and Ethan's contract included: "within the 2 years not allowed to perform on the other station."

Ethan many years ago collaborated in idol drama "Green Forrest" with SETTV, at that time he didn't turn famous, but with this continuing "Fated" tastes the explosion of fame, with understandings, many TV station creative teams all looked at Ethan's well individual charm, and had already added in the the contract with Ethan a clause, future of within 2 years, Ethan's drama contract will belong to SETTV, not allowed to go over to other stations, including overseas must go through SETTV for approval.

SETTV society channel drama director Chenyushan said yesterday: "The target is to hope Xiao Tian takes care of the feathers, we have already started to plan the next drama, including "蘭陵王 Lan Ling Wang" and society channels elder sister younger brother relationship big drama have already been decided that he will be starring in them." Ethan's management co. CATWALK expressed, agreement to sign with SETTV for 2 years drama contract has gone through discussions, and it's understood that SETTV believes in Ethan's package.

Rumoured, SETTV is limiting Ethan's overseas drama contract, the main reason is they're worried that he films mainland invested dramas, and in the future they might be sold to other stations, resulting in a fight within the same family situation, Chenyushan suggested another explanation: "Can't be said this way, this is to hope his roles with SETTV and plans don't have conflict, that's why were helping him filter to not accept dramas carelessly."

Also, SETTV has already confirmed Ethan's adjustment in salary, currently Ethan's salary for filming idol dramas is 1 episode $60,000 NT, comparing to other 1st level models, it's not really that high, but since he's a potential share, Ethan's next drama, salary will increase 30-50%, 1 episodes earning as high as $100,000.

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