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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tarcy Su bares her back; dares to seduce Joe Cheng!

CTS’s [Honey and Clover] is an adaptation from the best selling manga that shares the same title. After its first premiere from last week, the pace of the story and humor styles were able to receive good reviews. This week, the series will air the romantic, passionate scene between Zheng Yuan Chang and Tarcy Su; the passionate scene lasted from night until morning, for about 8 hours!

Tarcy Su, who used to being described as the “Lady” in the entertainment industry, is going to play the role of a widow in [Honey and Clover]. Her husband died in a car crash while she was severely burn in the accident. After that, she has been running her late husband’s architecture company alone. One night, while she was taking her bath in her house, she has suddenly fainted in the bathroom due to exhaustion; it just so happens that the part-time intern Zheng Yuan Chang was happen to be there and carries her back to her bedroom. During the muzzy from the fall, Tarcy Su thought Zheng Yuan Chang was her late husband that she is missing so much; and this is how the one night stand had started. In the series both, of them will be together until morning, [battling] for 8 hours, Zheng Yuan Chang was very content with the arrangement for the scene, he laughed and said: [This will prove that I am quite “lasting”!]

When they need to film this scene, Tarcy Su was very professional and has arrived on the set 2 hours early. She was so generous and asked the director Li Yun Chan [No need to clear the set], right until it was time to do the actual scene did her aware of how they are going to film the bed scene and she was very surprised by it. Tarcy Su laughed and said: [When I read the script and the manga, this scene actually leaves a lot space for imaginations; I thought the director is just going to carryout (the bed scene) by moving the focus of the camera to the rose on the table; and never know that I will have to spark out some sparks with Xiao Zhong.]

After finished apply the special makeup, during the first time Xiao Zhong was holding the towel, his long arms and legs has used the “Princess style” way to carry Tarcy Su but the towel was not cooperating and causing Xiao Zhong to make a mess of it and almost stumbled because of the towel, so that’s not a good take. They tried again on the second time, Xiao Zhong who was holding tight to the towel with one hand, as to make sure Tarcy Su doesn’t reveal too much of her body, while his other hand was trying to make sure the burned scar didn’t fall off either. In the end, he doesn’t has free hands to clear the quilt and Xiao Zhong was devastated since the director hasn’t shout out cut yet, so with his fast response he just pulled the other side of the quilt to cover Tarcy Su. Making her looking like a [Big Spring Roll], the scene was very hilarious.

And thanks to the “Quilt Spring Roll”, that was their first romantic intimated scene. About the special makeup, Tarcy Su said: [While filming movies last time, I have experiences this type of makeup already, like having bruises or cigarettes burned marks, but this time the duration to put up these burned scars are quite long too. The funny things is when I try to peel it off, it was like I’ve just finished doing a removing dead skins SPA treatment!]

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