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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Joe Cheng and Eddie Peng comparing sizes; the show [Kai Yun] extra hilarious

Zheng Yuan Chang and Eddie Peng are busy doing the promotions for their new series [Honey and Clover] and the series’ Original Sound Track. On 28th May they have make an appearance at ETTV’s [Jiu Shi Yao Kai Yun]. During the show they were joking about comparing their sizes, the fortune teller Huang You Bu said Zheng Yuan Chang’s hand is very big, so his private parts should be quite big too. The fortune teller also praised Eddie Peng to have big nose tip, so his private parts won’t be small too. Still believes that he will not loose to Eddie Peng, Zheng Yuan Chang said bluntly: [Please! That will be my strong point.]

After finished comparing their sizes, the host Huang Jia Qian brought out the topic about the girls with what type of cup size (bra cup) would they like, Zheng Yuan Chang purposely answers the question for Eddie Peng and said: [He likes girls who have G-cup (size).] Right after this word, Eddie Peng immediately clarifies it and said: [No, I prefer the girls (who has the size) that I could hold it with one hand.]

Because of their new series, Zheng Yuan Chang and Eddie Peng have especially form a band called CLOVER. Yesterday the band and together with Xiao Yu who is singing the ending song for the series, have started their tour around the PUB. The both of them are very confident about their band and jokingly giving the title [Talented Band] for themselves; Eddie Peng directly said: [We are really considering about whether we should register our band for the best band/group category in next year’s Golden Melody Award].

When talking about the ratings for the new series, the both of them strong believes that it will eventually goes up, Eddie Peng ensured it strongly: [After the second episode, the casts’ complicated love life story plot will be more and more exciting and appealing to the viewers.]

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