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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jasmine Leong Holds Concert Rumoured BF Also Couldn't Get Tickets

Jasmine next week will be holding a concert in the Taipei Little Big Egg, the concert tickets opened with a red plate, all sold out, adding also nominated in the Golden Melodies award, could be said double happiness, but scalpers have made it hot, $6600 NT lovers seats is auctioned online price has doubled, even rumoured prospect bf Tony wanting to go listen, actually couldn't even get a ticket, record company has promised to make arrangements to let Tony successfully sit in one of the love seats.

Jasmine went over to Malaysia for a practice group, earlier had returned to Taiwan to focus whole heartly on the rehersals, and even used romanized phonetics to remember Judy Chiang (江蕙)'s Taiwanese song lyrics, preparing a dance for her is also another one of the pressures she rarely gets, before going to bed she will also try to remember the dance steps. Profession in the wine industry Tony, gets Gary Cao to hold a mini performance at artist Stanley Huang's club "Primo" to fundraise disaster funds for Sichuan, the amount raised was nearly $300,000 Yuan.

Jasmine nominated in Golden Melodies, rumoured bf Tony says it is for true winner.

Tony compliments Jasmine's voice is good, to get nominatedin the Golden Melodies Awards is natural, but wanting to buy tickets, it's all sold out already, with a tone of disappointment, and the concert also has other beverage company sponsors, Tony also couldn't present Jasmine with her beloved pink champagne. Even though its because of work, often going in and out of club locations, adding all over is surrounded of models, to a man this is the most distracting, but Tony says it hard not to socialize, "But each person is different!" To pick an ideal person is not to look on the outside, but to look in the inside.

Its the 4th time Jasmine has been nominated in the Golden Melodies Award female singer, in "" votes are high, but to her mother and younger brother they're looking at it in a calm way, but to her she's really excited, and have also said to overseas media, on the day of the awards, have to be in the most beautiful image to attend, and says to take the award with Gary Cao.

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