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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Big Bang's Taeyang today first solo performance "I will shine like a solo rising sun."

Taeyang says that he will do his best today and heat up the moment.

The sun warms the world even by itself. On the 31st Big Bang's Taeyang (Birth name, Dong Young Bae - 19) will warm Korean music with a passion. Taeyang is prepared to heat the stage with his performance. Big Bang has been illuminated as a revolution of idol and in it's center was Big Bang's main vocal Taeyang. Now he will temporarily commit as "Taeyang" instead of "Big Bang".

"I received an opportunity to make a little more serious and deeper music. It means that I am able to express the music inside me. I am overwhelmed and nervous."

Taeyang's strong heat can be felt. He had confidently approached in 2008's Korean music with "Look Only At Me". Like his change in music, his "hot" physical transformation was noticeable.

Taeyang has a "thick R&B muscular body" and "mature man's scent". With his solo he's able to show that he's an adult, completely erasing his boy image. Even his hairstyle is striking--not anyone can pull off his "Beckham hair", but Taeyang did.

"Innocent" Taeyang gradually gains a stronger image and removed his "nice" nametag.

In the title song "Look only at me" Taeyang sings through a viewpoint of a guy selfishly wanting his girl to only look at him. "Even if I cheat, don't cheat on me, even if i forget you, don't forget me." (from 'Look Only At Me')

The truthful lyrics go well with the R&B flow and melody and sticks to your ears.

YG's Kush helped him by producing a song that matches Taeyang's specialities. "Custom made" Kush gave him 'custom-made' presents (songs)
Taeyang shows a unique image and even his dancing is of best quality.

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