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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jay Chou meets Hebe, revealed to have surprising understanding with Jolin Tsai

Source: QQ

The night before Jay Chou attended "Music, Love" in Beijing with a whole host of other artists, he was at the same venue as his rumoured girlfriend S.H.E. member Hebe, it was revealed that he had a surprising understanding with Jolin Tsai, he was also praised by Jackie Chan so he felt loved and alarmed at the same time.
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Even though Jolin Tsai didn't attend but she was still linked with Jay Chou's name, because when Jay Chou was interviewed he said he really wanted to film a sci-fi movie, similarly Jolin Tsai recently expressed her interest in trying out new types of movies, but Jay Chou was generous towards having similar tastes with Jolin Tsai, he even pointed out Jolin had a bit more of a "western" look, she's suitable for filming movies with old Shanghai as a backdrop, when asked if he would mind working with her, he said: "If she likes Chinese style too, a collaboration wouldn't be bad!"

S.H.E. member Ella revealed that a guy friend of hers set his ringtone to Jay Chou's greeting, this caused many funny moments, she said: "Every time I call this guy, I would think I've called Jay by mistake!"

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