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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jay Chou celebrates his 30th birthday; takes a fancy to $88million sports car

source: UDN
translated by: Sarah @

Jay Chou yesterday celebrated his 30th birthday. Although he is still single, and ex-girlfriend Patty Hou and rumoured girlfriend Jessie Chiang has not yet sent text messages to wish him happy birthday, he did not feel lonely at all, as he was accompanied by over 800 fans. Right now, all he can think about is that he wants a new car, especially because recently, he’s taken a fancy to the 20 limited edition - Lamborghini Reventon. Importing plus tariff, the total cost is estimated to be 2,000,000euros (88,590,000NT). He says that this car has moved his heart, however his mother Ye Hui Mei was the first to shake her head, using her index finger to make a ‘No!’ gesture, crushing Jay’s birthday wish on the spot.

Ever since Jay entered the industry, his rumours have never seemed to stop. He revealed: “Now that I’m 30, I can properly choose, find someone to be my wife. That way I can get married at 35!” Being an Asian superstar, he says that it’s very hard to get to know girls in private. Only through his directed films, MV auditions does he get the chance to make new friends, but he stressed: “This is not Princess election!” He rushed to clarify: “Casting is very important, even the guest roles, I willl hand-pick them myself, you guys have to write that I am very precise as a director!” Jay revealed that he actually has quite a few movie and dinner dates but he does not dare to one-on-one, even when he goes out with his assistant, he has to be very careful.

Yesterday, staff members prepared a tower of 30 red eggs, and a ‘2009 Flush’ poker birthday cake. As Jay blew out the candles, he made his birthday wish: “I hope my supporters will be in good health, like my grandma is almost 90 years old, but she won’t be out of breath when she climbs stairs, very healthy.” Afterwards, his grandma went onstage to kiss him, and he was very shy.

Mentally, Jay is like a big naughty boy and he wishes to ‘continue to be childish/naïve,’ and can play around with creative ideas. Jay has a strong sense of competitiveness, and he wants to lead in both music and films. In the entertainment industry, there is fierce competition and he says: “Don’t know how long I can still sing for, but when it becomes unsuitable, I’ll retire to backstage.”

This year, besides his new film ‘Ci Ling’, he will also enter the idol drama field and will direct ‘Panda Hero.’ Jay smiled saying that this idea is very humourous, he really hopes to create a Chinese-style hero. If he wants to play, then he’s gotta play big; each episode is estimated to cost millions of NT, and the special effects will be like in ‘Hot Shot’ and ‘Symphonic Valentine's Dream.’

Yesterday, his $5.5million MV of ‘Dragon Knight’ also premiered and Jay did not forget to add: “Other people have the money to buy charts, we have the money to film MV.” Lately, Jiang Hui has hit a financial crisis, and Jay caringly said that he will take his ‘2nd sister’ out to relieve her stress.

Yesterday, Patty Hou and Tian Xin attended a fashion event, and when asked whether she has bought a birthday gift for her friend, she replied: “Birthday? Oh is Mr Jay right? He has everything he wants, I wish him happy brithday and good health. A friend’s birthday, I will text him to wish him happy birthday la.”