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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Terri Kwan curses Jerry Yan saying he is stupid, mutually retaliates during love scenes

source: chinatimes
translated by: Sarah @

Jerry Yan & Terri Kwan have very different personalities. Jerry thinks too much, while Terri doesn’t like to think. However, the 2 are pushed together to film PTS’s new idol drama ‘Starlit’, and creates some explosive conflict. Terri revealed that the 2 would often bicker with each other, but now looking back, the whole filming process was very memorable, because “the gunpowder outside filming, turned into sparks during filming.”

Main cause of conflict; likes to snatch lines

‘Starlit’ filmed in Shanghai for one month and a half. Terri challenges the role of a patient with a rare disease - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), and has the most scenes with Jerry. Initially, there were rumours saying that Jerry had got angry at Terri’s assistant, and this lead to their relationship deteriorating to the highest point. However, Terri said: “Salt (her nickname for Jerry) didn’t la! The real reason for us bickering was because he kept snatching lines, and wouldn’t let me finish talking.” Their most serious argument was once when Terri even cursed Jerry saying he is ‘stupid’ and ‘excessive’.
Not hard to please; just has high standards

Terri & Jerry would constantly fight and then make-up, during their cold wars, the 2 would take advantage of the love scenes in the drama to mutually retaliate eg, Jerry would be especially rough when grabbing her collar, and Terri would use a lot of strength when having to beat his chest. Everytime they argue, Jerry’s reactions are not the same, sometimes he will argue back, sometimes he will apologise. Terri said: “I don’t think his reactions are called ‘hard to please’, it’s just that he has high standards for himself.”

Throws slipper; director is even more fierce

There was once, when Jerry wasn’t happy with his own performance, and he roared at the sky, like an orangutan, and when asked Terri whether she got a big fright, she replied: “No la, because Director Lin was even more fierce! The director would throw blue-and-white slippers at me, and he has very good technique, it’ll just graze past my face, it won’t hit me.”
Terri has collaborated with many male stars; she was worked with Jerry and Ken Zhu, both from F4. She analysed: “Male idols are too polite, there was a great sense of distance between me and Ken, but collaborating with Jerry gave me a sense of big challenge.” After the drama finished filming, she especially thanked Jerry: “If it wasn’t for you, I would never have stayed in a 5-star hotel!”

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jerry is not like that! i can't believe it! impossible!