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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

how Luo says he should change his nickname to 'cockroach'

source: chinatimes
translated by: Sarah @

Show Luo held a ‘Gao Xiao’ [Comedy] KTV big competition yesterday, and when the topic of ‘buying charts’ was brought up again, he lamented that no matter how hard he tried, in the end, he is still unable to get everyone’s approval. He feels very hurt, but he says that after entering the industry for so long, he understands to use laughter to cover up any heartache. In the end, he states: “I should change my name to ‘cockroach’, the cockroach that can’t be killed.”

As the theme for the event was ‘Comedy’, the 19 participants used every means to achieve this. Afterwards, there was also a bonus question where they had to cry within 10 seconds. Show immediately said a cold joke, and made everyone in the audience laugh. Afterwards, he revealed that in the past, the very first time he filmed a crying scene was in Director Xu Jin Liang’s ‘Young Brothers’ where he was scolded to the extent of crying. After this, whenever he had a crying scene, he would smack his own nose, so that his nose would ache and reduce him to tears.

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