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Friday, January 9, 2009

Jay Chou is stood up at Leehom Wang's 'buying charts' press conference

source: UDN
translated by: Sarah @

The ‘buying charts’ storm has become more and more intense! Leehom Wang’s SONY music yesterday had the general manager of the China District to hold a ‘refuse to buy charts’ press conference, calling for a pure space in music, and they expressed that this is not directed at any specific artist or record company.

But the paradox to this is that the night before yesterday, Leehom suddenly developed acute gastroenteritis and had to stay home to get drip, hence he was unable to attend the press conference. Jay Chou was also invited, and he who had a bad cold, ended up having to hold up the scene. He first sung ‘Dao Xiang’ to warm up the awkward atmosphere, and while onstage, he said: “Originally, I’m supposed to have come with Leehom, don’t know why it’s just become me now?”

Jay, who had a sore throat, self-ridiculed saying should take money to buy car and not chart. Jay attended the event because of his good friendship with Leehom and he said: “If even a modest person like Leehom has come out to say something, then this means that it must be very serious.” Jay believes that human nature is good, “but managers are not necessarily good.” When asked whom this is directed at, Jay replied that it’s not directed at anyone. He also said that he had to watch the news to find out the insider information about buying charts.

Leehom yesterday morning was constantly vomiting and diaarhoea, hence had had to stay home to rest and to get drip. Through SONY, he apologized and expressed: “I am an artist, not a businessman, and I am not clear about the behind-the-scenes of the buying charts situation.” He added: “If you ask me which chart has the most credibility, I can only trust the record company’s professional judgements. The entertainment industry has always had healthy competition, this is a good thing, and it will benefit the fans, but we shouldn’t use any dishonest manner such as buying charts.”

Towards this, Show Luo’s ‘Gold Typhoon’ record company expressed their support, and they invited Leehom to attend their new songs concert on the 14th of February. At the event, they will be selling CDs, so to show the credibility of their retail sale figures. However, SONY issued a statement saying: “We are not directing this at any personal case.”

Jay used magic as an example: “Magic is a beautiful lie, because it makes people happy, but putting this on a singer, eg record company buying charts, will let a singer forever live in lies, unable to get grips with reality.”

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