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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SONY BMG Starts This "No-Buying-Charts" Wave Just So Lee Hom Wang's "Sales Record" Would Beat Show Luo's?

SONY BMG Starts This "No-Buying-Charts" Wave Just So Lee Hom Wang's "Sales Record" Would Beat Show Luo's?


Lee Hom Wang claims himself a music man, but when his album was released, his sales record seemed to be trudging a bit. Reportedly, SONY BMG's "No Buying Charts Press Conference" was only to help Lee Hom Wang defeat his "rival" Show "Xiao Zhu [Little Pig]" Luo !? Perhaps because this album "Heart Beat" is Lee Hom's deciding key of his contract renewal with SONY BMG ; And since SONY BMG has no other pop king on hand, they can only think of any way possible to keep their last ace.

To secure this pop king, even before the album was released, SONY BMG had already called Show Luo and Fahrenheit's promoters/companies, who were planning to release albums at the same time, hoping that they would release their albums one week later, so Lee Hom Wang would have a chance to sit upon the #1 ranking, but they were rejected. Thus SONY BMG could only turn around to accuse Show Luo of buying out the charts, and then started the "No Buying Charts Press Conference." But the companies efforts was not appreciated by Lee Hom. With the thoughts of only presenting good music, he doesn't even care about album sales championing, so he had already clearly stated the day before that he would not be attending the press conference.

Lee Hom isn't attending! What could they do for the event then? Good thing they had Jay Chou coming to help, reportedly, Jay Chou was only coming to "support," but right before he arrived at the venue, he was suddenly told that Lee Hom wasn't attending due to illness. Jay Chou, who was originally the supporting role, became the main attraction at the event. Besides this, "Yi Zhou Kan" [weekly paper] also went and checked the charts that stood part of the sales charts, 5-Music and G-music, and Show's album sales record was clearly greater than that of Lee Hom Wang's, almost twice as much! Thus SONY BMG's incentive of Show Luo buying out the charts has people doubting them.

Source: NOW News
Translated by o_ost1nao_o @ Show Lo's International English Forum

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