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Friday, January 9, 2009

Producing and starring in Pandaman, Jay Chou advances into idol dramas, fully supporting Nan Quan Mama

Jay Chou has once again made a surprising move in the new year, he is going to step into the domain of idol dramas and work with people from Mainland China, he will be producing, directing and starring in it, he will film the fantasy based idol drama "Pandaman", he is going to strongly support Nan Quan Mama, which he helped develop, by making them the main stars.

According to reports, both sides have decided to film a 20 episode idol drama "Pandaman" (temporary name) which combines fantasy and sci fi. In order to support his own people, besides arranging for Nan Quan Mama to play the leading roles, he himself will also be the producer and he will be guest starring in a role, Jerry Yan, S.H.E. and Zhou Xun and others will also make guest appearances.
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Yesterday Nine Continents Film Production from Beijing confirmed this news, the general manager of Nine Continents Du Da Ning said: "Jay Chou especially likes alternative topics, at the time he suggested a lot of views towards this script, he thinks no one has filmed a sci fi fantasy idol drama, so it should be especially attractive."

As to Jay Chou's fee, Du Da Ning said: "He's the producer, the money is easily negotiable." This drama will be filmed in Mainland China and Taiwan.

Due to the fact the news hasn't been made official yet, JVR Music was very low profile towards Jay Chou's venture into idol dramas, agent Zhang Lan Yun conservatively replied: "Jay has always been thinking about filming an idol drama, it's still in discussions, but the initial time frame hasn't been set yet." Regarding the new drama having Nan Quan Mama as the leading stars, Zhang Lan Yun stressed, Jay Chou has always been very caring to people by his side, this point isn't unexpected.

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