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Thursday, January 1, 2009

S.H.E Prepared Snacks for Travelling , Ella Addicted to Hair-Plucking

S.H.E Prepared Snacks for Travelling
Ella Addicted to Hair-Plucking
It had been three years since S.H.E celebrated the New Year in Taiwan. Yesterday, from Taipei to Tainan, they had prepared a full box of snacks, including crackers and instant noodles so that they could replenish their energy at all times. Ella even carried a pincher with her and helped to pluck Selina’s eyebrows on the spot!

Recently Ella got interested in DIY such as plucking hair, picking pimples and even cutting hair. Her make-up artist gave her a pincher with light bulbs which she was showing off to everyone excitedly. She boasted that her handiwork was good and can help pluck unwanted hair for others whenever she had a bit of spare time during travelling. She even spent NTW$ 2000 to purchase a complete set of scissors. Both Selina and Hebe’s dogs became subjects of her experiments. Hebe was quite satisfied with the results but Selina complained: [My Pinky ended up looking like an old soldier with fluffy hair on the body but a crew cut on her head!]

While Hebe was singing [Chinese Words] during the New Year countdown show, the top of her white dress accidentally slipped and was struck on her black belt. Luckily she had a silver T-shirt on the inside and did not expose herself. But it was still quite embarrassing. As soon as she finished the song, she immediately rushed backstage to fix her clothes before going back onstage again.

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and Chinatimes
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credits : ellahkfc

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