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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Four Princes back at "One Million Star" as co-hosts

According to recent reports, Taiwanese Diva A-mei's guest appearance as co-host on Taiwan variety show, One Million Star Season Four, have been highly well-received. The average TV ratings hit 2.93, which is about 1,953,000 viewer-ships. This is coming down as pressure for the "Four Princes of Superstar Avenue" as they take over the baton as co-hosts.

The episode broadcasted on the second last week of 2008 evoked polarizing comments from viewers. Netizens pointed out that A-mei was not as good a host as compared to Dee Hsu and Momoko Tao; however, her on-stage performance as a singing artiste is simply dazzling. Producers are also considering inviting A-mei back to host future episodes should arrangements permits.

One Million Star Season Four's PK rounds will be shortly followed by the revival round. The "Four Princes of Superstar Avenue" - Yoga Lin, Judy Chou, Peter Pan and Stanly Hsu - most outstanding contestants from season one's competition will be returning to the very stage they competed on, to co-host season four with Kevin Tsai.

As they take over from the much acclaimed A-mei, the four princes expressed their anxiety. They have started memorizing names of contestant, so as to not cause a blooper during the show; they have also suggested wearing the "Trainee Host" tags throughout the show. The four princes have also prepared themselves, mentally, for negative feedbacks from viewers.

The revival round was set for Wu Dehong, Hong Qianhan, Fang Youxin, Xu Yurou and Liang Yizhen, to fight for placement back in the competition. Xia Zhengfeng, who was originally in the revival running, had decided to forfeit the competition as he felt he was not truly prepared for the competition. Liang was thus given the opportunity to take his place instead.

The revival ended with Liang, Fang and Wu earning placements back in the competition.


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