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Friday, January 16, 2009

Jay Chou puts effort into filming MV; bruises ass

source: UDN
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Jay Chou spent 5.5 million and 4 months of filming to finish the MV for his new song "Dragon Knight", the mysterious veil will be revealed at his birthday party this week, during the filming Jay Chou put a lot of effort into it, the explosion scenes were very powerful, he only found out his ass was "bruised" after going home!

Jay Chou is being very generous on his birthday as he books the movie theatre in Xi Men Ding, he's also letting his fans be the first ones to see his fantasy MV "Dragon Knight". The MV is anime movie production styled full of a fantasy world in the future, just a short 5 minutes of scenes took 4 days of filming, the post production was as along as 4 months, it has also broken the record for the most times Jay Chou has done martial arts, special effects and wiring in an MV.

Under the perfection seeking of "Director Chou", during filming he had it rough going, besides martial arts scenes and flips, there were many scenes where he had to match explosions, Jay Chou was hurt when he did the scene where he saved the female lead, he joked saying: "The sacrifice for this time's explosion is quite big, I want to tell everyone, if you don't have such a tough ass please don't film explosion scenes, I only found out my ass was bruised when I went home, it felt like I had that cupping treatment, I wanted to say when I looked in the mirror, I have such a dark birthmark?"

During filming, Jay Chou's back problem flared up, father Chou personally came to the set to give him antibiotics, Jay Chou said: "My dad's funny, when he saw me the first thing he did wasn't to give me the medicine, but was to ask "Are there any roles I can play", you can tell he really wants to make it big." When mother Chou came to visit, Jay Chou was afraid she would worry so he ordered the staff not to mention his back problem.