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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jay Chou wins awards at Chinese Music Awards, boasts about birthing great children

Source: Chinatimes

Jackie Chan, Jay Chou, S.H.E. and others attended the Beijing Chinese Pop Music Awards ceremony on the 11th, on the red carpet Jackie Chan was complaining that he never won any music related awards even though he's sung so many songs, this was until he received the Special Contribution award, only then did he happily say: "I've finally won a music award." Jay Chou won the Best Producer with "Capricorn", he ridiculed himself saying he hadn't won a producer award for a while, at the end he was a smooth talker, praising the judges for their excellent taste.
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In order to make fans understand the composition and arrangement, Jay Chou compared composing to birthing a child, arrangement is the make stylist helping him put on clothes, even if the child isn't born good looking, if beautiful clothes are worn awards can still be won. After winning the producer award, he said with a proud look, he's birthed a very beautiful child (reference to his album).

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