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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wu Chun's Chinese is poor, drags Calvin Chen down with him

Source: , UDN Late News
Translated by catalie @

Fahrenheit recently accepted an interview by "Azio Channel" and on the show they played a language game. After ten questions, Jiro Wang with his achievement of six questions, became Fahrenheit's king of literature and language knowledge; Aaron Yan came second with five questions; coming from Brunei, Wu Chun usually has an accent when he speaks and only answered three correctly. He who was told that his achievements in the national language were not good, dragged Calvin who also only answered three correctly, down with him, stating that he was on the same level as Calvin Chen who graduated from the Senior High School of National Taiwan University so Calvin had no choice but to apologise to his senior high Chinese teacher in front of everyone.

During the Azio Channel show, questions included "delicate smoke from kitchen chimneys" and "to yearn day and night"* where Fahrenheit members were required to complete the expressions, one character each. Wu Chun unexpectedly wrote the "delicate" in "delicate smoke from kitchen chimneys" as "bird", and the character meaning "wind around" in the phrase "to yearn day and night" as "win". He even explained to the host that he hadn't written the wrong word, it's just that he couldn't even understand the phrase so he just wrote words that he knew.

* The phrase "to yearn day and night" (魂牽夢縈) literally means "soul and dreams winding around hand in hand".

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