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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lee-hom falls prey to Diva

Diva Jolin Tsai has a new love. He is "Music Man" Lee-Hom Wang!? The two were caught on camera, behaving intimately at a snooker club. Well, not really unrehearsed.

The duo was invited to endorse a shampoo and the intimacy was all for the advertisement. In the ad, Tsai is a snooker expert but pretended to be a "noob", scheming for Wang's attention. As Wang held her hands and taught her to hit the balls, they exchanged seductive glances and went on to interlock fingers.

When asked if she will scheme for a man's attention, Tsai said, "Girls do not really need to intentionally charm the guys they like. Tiny movements like exchanging glances, tossing their hair or even just the fragrance from the hair would all work.

"Pretending not to know everything is quite useful in attracting guys; men like to feel that they can protect their girls," she adds.

In response to the plot for the advertisement, Wang said, "Girls these days are very brave; they dare to take initiative and pursue their loves. In fact, boys and girls alike should take more initiative. People in the olden days keep feelings to themselves and lose opportunities for love to blossom."

source: Yahoo!SG

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