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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jolin Tsai caught secretly meeting up with Show Luo; in talks of collaborating in ad

source: sina
translated by: Sarah @

Yesterday, Jolin Tsai was caught secretly meeting up with Show Luo at the Grand Formosa Regent hotel in Taipei for 1 hour. According to sources, the 2 are secretly planning to film an ad together to snatch money. With the 2’s King and Queen status, the pay for their first collaboration together, is at least $2,500,000rmb.

Yesterday, Jolin was caught catching a taxi from her management company to the GFR hotel. When she arrived, she immediately headed to the lounge on the 19th floor. 10 minutes later, Show also appeared at the hotel, and the 2 were together for approximately an hour. Manager revealed that, the 2 are indeed negotiating details for the ad.

Will collaborate to film ad

After a speedy interview yesterday noon, someone witnessed Jolin heading to her management company to get some rest. Afterwards, left and with the freezing wind blowing in her face, to the extent where it made her face turn green, she caught a taxi to the GFR Hotel and headed to the lounge on the 19th floor. Approximately 10 minutes later, Show also appeared at the entrance of the hotel, and when he saw the media had already arrived, he said alarmedly: “How come you guys are here!” The 2 were together for 1 hour, and seemed to know that the media were guarding outside. First, they got the hotel staff to act as bodyguards to walk them out, and then Jolin’s manager sheiled Jolin, and they left quickly.

Manager Jiang Chen Jin yesterday expressed that Show and Jolin were meeting with the manufacturers, to discuss the content of the ad, but he was not willing to reveal what kind of product endorsement it is.

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