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Friday, January 9, 2009

Jay Chou to celebrate 30th birthday on the 18th, entertaining 300 fans

Source: Liberty Times

"Capricorn" Jay Chou is going to be 30, on the day of his birthday he has booked a movie theatre so he can celebrate it with his fans.

Jay Chou has finished his travels across America and Canada and has returned to Taiwan, on the 18th of this month he is celebrating his 30th birthday, his agent company has booked a whole movie theatre in preparation to premiere the MV for "Dragon Knight" which cost 5.5 million to produce, the quota limit for people taking part is 300.
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In 2004 Jay Chou went to America to perform, he slipped on the stage, thinking back at it he feels it was embarrassing, at the end of last year he went to hold a concert in America again, this time he was very careful, he didn't fall or embarrass himself, the performance was smooth.

But there was a bit of an incident that happened after he finished his performance in Toronto in Canada and was flying to Connecticut to perform. He came across the biggest snowstorm for 30 years in the region, the plane couldn't take off, so he had to go on the bus with the rest of the crew. They moved forward at a turtle's pace as they endured the storm, it took them 15 hours to get there, Jay Chou said: "I consider it a very hard to come by experience"

Arriving in gambling city of Connecticut, Jay Chou tried his hand at "blackjack", he didn't think he would be so lucky to win. When asked how much he won? He mysteriously said: "I won back the amount I loss back in Macao." Last year he held a concert in Macao and lost TW$80 thousand, this time he must have won at least 80 thousand upwards.

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