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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jay Chou comes to Hong Kong to only see an old partner and not Patty Hou

Source: UDN

Jay Chou and his old love Patty Hou both came to Hong Kong recently to attend an event, originally Jay Chou spread the word the two might meet, but yesterday night he had dinner with director Andrew Lau and didn't see Patty Hou. Andrew Lau revealed that the two might be working together again, but nothing is set yet.

According to Hong Kong's Oriental Daily, after the autograph and singing session yesterday night Jay Chou didn't see his ex girlfriend Patty Hou and instead had Japanese food with Andrew Lau at Causeway bay. Patty Hou went straight back to Taiwan after she finished her job. This article is translated by

Due to the fact Andrew Lau was the director of Jay Chou's first movie "Initial D", everyone was very curious as to when they would partner each other again. Yesterday night, Jay Chou and Andrew Lau talked till nearly midnight before they left the restaurant, facing the waiting reporters, Jay Chou was very friendly, Andrew Lau said that even though the two want to work together again but they haven't set a script or topic yet. Jay Chou also expressed, he and Andrew Lau were only talking about movies, they didn't talk about work, he joked saying, "If we were going to talk work I would have flown especially to Hong Kong and I wouldn't have let the media photograph us."

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