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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Angela Chang Denies Being a Party Girl; Likes To Stay At Home; Confident Won't Be Overtaken By Newcomers

Angela Chang ShaoHan has just returned to Taiwan from Canada. On the 20th, she appeared at a press conference for Lay's Potato Chips. She admitted frankly that she has been working very, very hard for the past 5 to 6 years. Nowadays, however, she puts her own life and living first. Rumor has it that, because she fell into some bad company, she let her career fall to the wayside. She laughed and said, "I have a lot of faith in myself. Good friends, bad friends... I can tell the difference."

Ever since her debut, Angela has worked steadily as both an actress and a singer; she has a very large income. She bought a house in Taipei-- her first, as well as a multi-million dollar Benz. She laughed and said that she doesn't have a driver's license and that she is currently learning how to drive. "Every time my little sister takes me out, she'll also be explaining all the traffic signs and symbols to me." She began to cut back on her work at the beginning of the year because of her heart condition; she flew back to Vancouver whenever she could to visit her younger siblings. Rumor has it that she has become estranged from her mother, who lives in 中壢 ChungLi. Angela expressed that they do talk on the phone, but, because she is always running around, the two haven't met for some time.

She was previously caught and snapped sans make-up by Zhou Kan; they wrote that her appearance was "frightening." She laughed and said that the lighting for that picture was too dark: "My skin is really very good. My friends even praise me, saying that they can't see any pores. I usually go out without make-up." She was unhappy, however, about the rumors that she frequents bars and night clubs with her friends. "I am not a 'Party Girl.' I'll go to a bar or night club just one or two times a year. I typically stay at home, go shopping, or go to the movies." When asked whether or not she was afraid that, if she rested for too long, she would be overtaken by entertainment newcomers, the face of the very independent-minded Angela became very confident. "I believe in my own strength; I've got 10 commercials in hand right now."

News Source: ChinaTimes,

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