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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"One Million Star" organises reunion; Sends off Tao Jing Ying for maternity leave; Aska Yang and Yoga Lin absent

On the 26th, Tao Zi will be recording the last episode before her pregnancy leave for CTV's "One Million Star". Judge Yuan Wei Ren returns after leaving and the production crew is reuniting the 1st, 2nd and 3rd graduation class of the show to sing together and send her off. Each batch is not only fighting through singing abilities but also the attendance list. The 2nd batch is actively participating but the 3rd batch will be missing the king of popularity Hayden Huang Jing Lun who is recording his new album. The winner of the first batch Yoga Lin will be absent due to overseas promotion and popularity king Aska Yang might not show up due to contract issues and hence, they will have the lowest turnout.

1st batch- Three male represents
Tao Zi is leaving to prepare for giving birth and the production crew arranged for the 4 batch of singers to reunite and have a farewell party. The 1st batch that built up the "One Million Star" popularity together with Tao Zi however, is finalised to only have Judy Chou Ding Wei, Stanley Hsu Ren Jie and Peter Pan Yi Wen turning up. Winner Yoga Lin will be in Singapore for their Singapore Hit Awards ceremony and thus will not be showing up. As for Aska Yang, due to his contract problems, his current entertainment industry work has all been put on hold and production manager Wang Zhong Wei is currently in the midst of trying to work things out. His music company however has expressed that this is not the promotion period and hence, they will not consider. "Our contract still has 1 year to go. He needs our agreement to go on shows and although he goes along with all the schedule we planned out, he is adament on communicating through the lawyer so it will be a troublesome process."

3rd batch - Top 5 shows up

The 3rd batch with Xu Jia Jing leading will have all the top 5 showing up but the most anticipated singer, popularity king Hayden Huang will be in Beijing and thus absent. Hit FM 22 released his first main song "Moonlight [Yue Guang]" from his new album yesterday and it has already sparked discussion among fans. Hayden joined Warner and will be releasing his album before winner Xu Jia Jing. The originally scheduled to release album next year's Xu Jia Jing has postponed her plans due to throat problems.

2nd batch - Supportive
2nd batch's winner Yuming Lai, popularity queen Jane Huang, Rachel Liang, Uni Yie, Annie Lin and Pets Ceng will all show up, giving enough face to "One Million Star"

With the graduating class from season 1, 2, 3 all returning home, Yuan Wei Ren was persuaded by Wang Wei Zhong to return to the judging group too and continue to act as the black-faced man.

Source: China Times

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