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Friday, October 31, 2008

Charlene will NOT celebrate her birthday with Ronald!

Source: Sina entertainment

  Charlene Choi (ah Sa) yesterday attended TVB Jade Stars Celebration Praying Ceremony. Next month, November 22 is ah Sa's birthday, the day before she expressed that this year she will spend her birthday at work, and will not be able to celebrate with friends, family, or fans. There was news on the internet that their will be a big celebration with Charlene, but Charlene reluntantly had to say it wasn't true. Reporters were curious if she might then just celebrate with rumor boyfriend Ronald Cheng? Ah Sa did not even wait for reporter to explain clearly the question and she said, “ I will not, if I don't say that first, it will not die [meaning the rumor]!

The present the economy is not really good, Charlene said that she told everybody they do not have to give her gifts, she said hopefully next year when the economy is better, then they can give gifts to her on her birthday. She said her birthday wish is for the economy to change for the better, so that next year she can buy a house. Andy Lau told Charlene that at present, with property price so low it is a good opportunity. ah Sa said she smiles and replied by asking Andy if she had any intention of selling his property at a lower price. [wanting to buy his house]?” ah Sa spoke frankly that some work have slowed do to the bad economy, but luckily it did not affect her income that much. Today is Halloween, she said this is the entertainer best chance to go outside, put on the best mask to disguse and get out on the streets to play, but what a pity year after year she does not have the time.

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