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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ariel Lin & Chen Qiao En most popular to win “Best Actress” in Golden Bell Awards

One week countdown begins for the 43rd Golden Bell Awards. The “Best Actress” award is the most competitive and currently, Ariel Lin & Chen Qiao En have the highest votes. The 2, whether it is the roles they play in their drama or the amount of support they are receiving, it seems to be undifferentiable. Ariel’s new drama “Love or Bread” recently released a 1-minute preview online, and in only 2 days, there were already more than 80,000 views, indeed she has amazing charisma.

UDN news created a votes poll online for this award, and up till yesterday, Qiao En has 94,568 votes, Ariel has 90,377 votes, Rainie Yang has 6,246, Angela Zhang has 2,071 votes, and Ke Su Yun has 84 votes. Ariel and Qiao En are almost tied for first place; competiton is very intense.

After filming “It Started With A Kiss”, Ariel became the no. 1 sister for idol dramas. Her comedic performance in the drama was very successful, but Qiao En’s performance as a ordinary cute Sticky Note girl in “Fated to Love You” broke the record for highest ratings ever. Even the 2’s roles in the dramas can be said to be quite similar.

Ariel’s new drama “Love or Bread” airs next month on the 16th, but to take advantage of her current popularity in the Golden Bell Awards, a 1-minute preview of the drama was released online earlier. In the drama, she continues her comedic style and plays the role of a poor girl. Ariel, who is not afraid of uglifying herself, changes to mens’ outfit and has a mole stuck on her face. In the drama, she has to serve food, wash cars, etc, displaying her very versatile acting skills.

The audience has sets their eyes on Ariel, but she personally feels quite normal. These few days, she has been promoting in Hang Zhou, and only yesterday night did she return to Taiwan. She modestly expressed that to be nominated for this award, she has to thank Joe Cheng the most, because having a strong partner allows her to perform to the best of her ability. On the day of the Golden Bell Awards, she will also walk down the red carpet with Joe. She revealed that her stylist Huang Shu Qi has specially tailored 2 new dresses for her to wear. When asked if she will have a sexy performance, Ariel laughs and said, “Does not suit me la, I think I’ll go for the pretty, elegant path.”

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