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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Joe Chen pulls in commercials due to "Fated", earns millions in 2 months

Source: Libertytimes Joe Chen has been in the industry for 8 years. This year, with "Fated to Love You", she finally sits on the idol drama queen title firmly. With her popularity rising, she has managed to take on 4 commercials and endorsement within 2 months, earning millions. Her income for the year has been confirmed to beat that of her company mates, Ming Dao, 5566, becoming the big sister of Jungiery.

Waits patiently; Endorsement value rises

"Fated to Love You" set the Taiwan idol drama record by having a 13.64 rating and not only did it push male lead Ethan Ruan to become a leading man, female lead Joe Chen also gained fame and money. Besides being nominated for Golden Bell Award Female lead award, something honorable, the money she is earning is also keeping her full. Within this 2 month, she has been confirmed to take on 4 commercials in total, a online gaming, beauty product, female necessity and one still unrevealed.

Joe Chen's manager Sun De Rong expressed that when "Fated" was hot in topic, male lead Ethan Ruan had many endorsements and great deal of media coverage. Joe got slightly restless and complained about the company pushing away all the events invitation that came along, sending away all the money. "I advised her to be patient then, because an artiste's journey is long. We cannot anyhow take on a thirty thousand, fifty thousand event." And indeed, all those signed in the end were endorsements of better substance and better pay.

Earned enough money; Prepared to buy a house
As 5566 has had very little exposure this year and Ming Dao has pushed away at least 3 dramas from Taiwan and mainland earlier this year, earning 30 million lesser, just based on the "Fated" effect, Joe managed to drew in more than 10 million, becoming the winner for the most income in Jungiery this year and the big sister. With a full pocket, she is now enthusiastically looking at houses and is rumored to be at the stage of settling the deposit.

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