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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blue Lan spent 3 years to move on

source: asosbbs
When Da S and Blue break up, he experienced depression and he used his work to cope with his heartache, he faced the world that talks about Da S. 3 years later, he is now stronger, and could open up his feelings.

“Break-up period was very sad"; Blue Lan talks about the collapse of "DaLongLian". He never spoke about it. When asked about DaS, his face expressionless.

But he had changed after 3 years. He went to KangXi to promote, Xiao S asked questions about his past love life. He frankly said "Da S is too clingy"; when they were still together he felt that she does not like his family; He complained Xu Mama likes nagging; before their break up, their differences seemed to uncompromise. Blue Lan came from an ordinary family, his school years, he mostly stay in bed because he often had not taken a meal, but Da S is an exact opposite, everything goes perfectly for her.

When they were still in love, Da S would always prepare food for Blue. She would prepare him food he wanted to eat. She would prepare it at home then bring it over to Blue. Blue wants to eat noodles, even in a hot weather, Da S would bring her umbrella and buy it for him. Xu Mama and Xiao S were amazed and speechless. Da S was also afraid for her boyfriend to be jealous, one time with Vanness phone call, she kneeled down to apologize. This made Blue completely fall for her.

Blue would send off and pick up her girlfriend, watch movies, dine together, accompany her during filming, and go shopping. One time he learned that Da S likes this certain bag, though unfamiliar with the famous brand, he searched for it to buy it for her.

When in love, anyone should compromise. Blue not only became a vegetarian but also promised to accompany her abroad. He will finish his work as soon as possible to accompany her. One time while shopping, an earthquake suddenly strike, Blue tremedously looked for her, that greatly moved Da S. For Blue Lan, as long as your relationship is good, then its ok, but for Da S: "if 2 peopel are not willing to enter the next stage, then its better to break up." The two announced their break up in 2005.

Da S suddenly wanted a break up, Blue was caught off guard, it was unexpected. After their break up, 2 months still had their communication, "knowing that she's still single, the feeling is good". Later on he found out about Da S and ZZ relationship, he was shocked; "I did not expect it to be Zai Zai"

"The break up was really sad". He did not know how to face everyone. Blue's helpless face: "Xiao Yan jie invited me to her program", he said that time he doesnt want to act, and bother everyone, he appeared on the show, Blue: "If my words will just affect another person, I choose not to say it, this is my principle, up to now"

Then the time came when he could not control it anymore, he chose to escape. He went to mainland to film. He would drink during his lowest time, and once thought of suicide. He sought treatment for his depression.

When Blue completely lost his direction, he started to think of his parents as much as he could, "It was very lonely and I was looking at the moon thinking if my family are looking at the same moon". But another sad thing happened to him when his grandmother passed away, 'i started to cherish the people around me"

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