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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hebe’s $30,000,000 New Home Revealed

Hebe’s $30,000,000 New Home Revealed

Since 2005, Ella and Selina became property-owners successively. Until last year, Hebe also purchased a new house. With her low profile, if she was not captured on camera by reporters, she would probably still keep mum about her house-owner status.

Having purchased a new house for her family and keeping hush for a year, she was proud when probed, “I am super low profile! But since you all discovered it, there is no need to keep it a secret anymore.”

She is currently staying alone as her parents are in Xing Zhu. However they would visit her occasionally. “I always wanted a place in Taipei so that my family can live more comfortably when they visit me.” The locality of her new place is accessible and quite safe, but it was not her ideal. “Actually this district is not my prime choice. I actually wanted to purchase a place near Shi Da road, and be Ella’s neighbor. However the property prices soared too quickly. The price of the initial house that I wanted rose by $10,000,000 within a year, and I could only give it up as I could not bear to buy it.”

The trio shared the same ambition. They had stayed together in a girls’ dormitory when they first entered the entertainment industry. However the trio is concerned about their family and would always put their family’s welfare before themselves. Now, being proud property-owners, their main reason is really still for the sake of taking better care of their family. Among the trio, Ella is the first to own a house. She felt that it would offer a sense of security and save her the hassle of moving every other year. She explained, “One reason is that I really have too many things at home. It is very troublesome to move them around; hence getting a house would be more stable.” She added, property investment is considered one of the more stable ventures. “Despite property prices falling, compared to stocks and shares, the risks are still relatively lower!” Given Ella’s shrewd acumen, she definitely does not appear like just another pop idol-singer. She analyzed further from a professional viewpoint, “I thought, rather than paying rent to another person monthly, it would be better for me to be paying off the installment for the house instead. At the end of the installment payments, the house would be mine. Won’t that be more worth the while?” Her thinking also influenced S and H subsequently. 2 years ago, S spent $20,000,000 in Tian Mu to buy a place for her family and subsequently, a smaller apartment in Jian Guo Bei Road. However she only got the house this year and was even spotted by the media when she meet her new boyfriend there. In the twinkle of the eye, S has already become the proud owner of 2 houses. She shared that her father advised the trio to invest in property; as regardless of property prices, they could still use the property to earn rental.

The trio shares a closely knitted relationship and hopes to become neighbors. But Ella said, “It’s a pity that we each have our own considerations - preferences and needs when it comes to choosing a house. It is difficult to find the ideal house that meets all our requirements.” Ella requires a large house in view of her big family. On the contrary, Selina prefers a smaller place as she is timid and afraid of ghosts, especially if the place is too big. Meanwhile, Hebe has simpler requirements in choosing a house.

Even before their thirties, the trio already owned houses. Each of them has different likings, such as Ella prefers a large hall so that everyone could gather around to catch up or watch television programmes together. As her family runs a restaurant, H prefers to a beautiful and functional kitchen. As for Selina, she prefers a house fully equipped with convenient functions.

When on the topic of houses, the trio could not hide their excitement just like if they were addicted to purchasing houses and were planning to invest further on property. S said, “There is a sense of achievement when you see your family living comfortably.” She even fantasized, “I think there is a place that fits all our bill. It is Di Bao*! Each of us will have one mansion and we can live together!”

New Look in Selina’s Fringe Brings Unexpected Good Luck in Gambling

Known for her favorite pastime to play mahjong, S has been on a winning streak since she had her new haircut. Even she was stunned at her good luck!

Since entering the industry, she always maintained her long hair without fringe. But during her recent trip to Hang Zhou, while in transit at Hong Kong, she purchased a Japanese fashion magazine and was tempted to follow a Japanese model’s hairstyle. Despite her rush and packed schedule in Hang Zhou, she insisted for her hairstylist to trim her fringe accordingly before performing.

Different from Hebe’s girlish fringe look, Selina’s new fringe look has a more layered feel with a touch of sexiness and maturity. She said proudly, “Now I am a sexy lady!” She had not counted on her new fringe to bring forth good luck until she played mahjong when back in Taipei. Her streak of 10 straight wins got everyone so stunned that even she felt queasy. Subsequently she continued to win the other 3 parties all the way!

In fact Selina has good luck in gambling all along, even Ella and Hebe said she would win 9 out of 10 times. Therefore the 2 of them do not like to play with her. However Selina’s recent winning streak got herself pleasantly surprised too and she was puzzled. Upon reflecting, she realized, “It must be due to my fringe! I did not change anything else except that, and it’s the first time I encountered such successive wins!” Thus, she was full of praise for her new fringe.

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