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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rainie Yang Invents a Way To Cry At Will; Films MV

News Source: MingPao,
Rainie Yang ChengLin recently filmed an MV for her new song; in order to "match" the feeling and ambience of her song, which is about losing love, Rainie shuts herself in a refrigerator in an effort to "numb" herself. She laughed and said that this was "(setting a) bad example!" She said frankly that losing love is, indeed, extremely painful, but she would never try to shut herself in a refrigerator; she has a touch of claustrophobia, and it's extremely cold and cramped inside a refrigerator! She also said that this was only for the dramatic effect of the MV and discouraged anyone from attempting or copying it.

Her character in 不良笑花 [Bu Liang Xiao Hua] [Miss No Good (The Bad Campus Belle)] faces life with hope and optimism. Rainie, meanwhile, has invented her own method for "crying at will." She said that she has only to either think of or see someone, something, or some event which makes her happy, then imagine that she will lose them some day... thinking of this, her tears fall directly.

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