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Monday, October 20, 2008

Baron Chen Chu He endorses Deaflympic Games cycling competition

Baron shot to fame this year through movie "Kungfu Dunk" and idol drama "Fated to Love You". As he fits the image of speed and strength as required for cycling, he was chosen to be the spokesman for the 2009 Deaflympic Games "Cycling Competition"

Baron and one of the cyclist took photo-shoots for the poster and although he acted as a sportsman in the basketball movie, he has never being involved with bicycles and after he got on a bicycle, he immediately scrapped his heel against the metal chain and it started to bleed. The bicycle was one of the professional ones used in competitions and just one bicycle could cost at least thirty thousand. No wonder everyone's attention was placed on the bicycle and no one comforted him.

Baron and the male competitor progressed from unspoken to spoken interactions. In tne end, he even expressed his wish of taking a photograph with Baron and everyone else to keep for memorial purpose and under the crew's arrangement, everyone made funny faces at the camera and the photoshot had a perfect ending.

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