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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jay Chou wants to sign Jolin Tsai, only recognises relationship with Patty Hou

Source: iFensi

Jay Chou recently accepted an interview with the media and admitted that Jolin Tsai is a very serious artist, "Any boss will want to sign her", but he was also worried if he did really sign her, what kind of reports will be written about it.

Concerning past relationships Jay Chou only recognises the one with Patty Hou, he even described the 1 and a half year relationship as "healthy love", "Like riding a motorcycle with a mask on at the same time, having nights out, going to the movies, and enjoying the happiness of ordinary people."

Before Jolin Tsai accepted an interview and implied "being cheated on", "the last one to know about the Chou and Hou relationship", Jay Chou couldn't understand this and said: "What that! You don't have to be like that!" He also said: "She's has her story, I have mine, we are talking about different stories." The acknowledgement from both sides are very different.
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Jay Chou really supports his friends, including Vincent Fang, who he knew before he came out, Will Liu, Devon and others, he's opened restaurants, shoes stores, but he's not in it for the money, "I'm helping my friends realise their dreams! None of the stores I've invested in make money, only the Mr J restaurant breaks even". How do these companies survive then? He replied: "Me! It's enough with what I make."

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