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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jimmy Lin has joined the China F1 Motorboat Racing Team and became 1st chinese F1 racer

Jimmy Lin has joined the China F1 Motorboat Racing Team and became 1st chinese F1 racer
Translation Credit: l_coco @

Jimmy Lin has officially joined the China Tian Rong F1 Motorboat racing Zhao Shang Bank Team. The announcement was made on Oct 22, 2008 at the ShenChen Zhao Shang Bank Headquarter Press Room. Upper management of the ShenChen Tian Rong Investment Company, team captain of the China Tian Rong F1 Motorboat Racing team, representatives from Zhao Shang Bank, 2008 F1 Motorboat Racing Association were present at the news conference.

As a singer, actor, car racer, and businessman, it is the ultimate challenge for Jimmy to join the China F1 Motorboat Racing team. This is due to his love of speed. As we all know, he is an outstanding car racer who has been racing since 1997 and has won 17 1st place winner’s cups.

F1 Motorboat racing is a premium international racing event. It’s the highest level of the motorboat sports. There are only 42 people in the world who have “Super F1 Motorboat operator’s license”. China Tian Rong F1 Motorboat Racing Team was formed on 5/22/2006 with permissions from The National Sports Commission, International Motorboat Association, and Shenzhen Tian Rong Investment Company. The historic event broke the record of no International F1 China team in history. In 2007, the French racer 菲利普•丹瑟提尼 and his mechanics joined the China Tian Rong F1 Motorboat Racing team as a racer and coach. In the same year, Zhao Shang Bank also put its name on the team.

As the only China F1 racing team in the world, the China Tian Rong Motorboat Racing team has performed well and attracted international media attention. Zhao Shang Bank also got favorable ratings from the WTO. The China Tian Rong F1 team got 5th place in the 2008 season. With Jimmy Lin joining the team the China F1 team will have its Chinese racer and also a super star racer. It will have more confidence, technology and skills to participate in the World Championship.

Since his debut on 2/28/1992 Jimmy Lin has conquered its fans with his youthful singing and dancing and a brilliant smile. He became famous throughout the Chinese speaking world and conquered Asia as the “Asian Little Whirlwind”. He held his 1st world tour after 1 yr. it was a miracle in showbiz and he still holds the record as the youngest artist to perform in Hong Kong HungHum Coliseum.

By joining the China F1 Motorboat Racing team will Jimmy Lin extend the whirlwind in showbiz and the race car speedway to F1 motorboat racing fans and win a 1st place winner’s cup for the China team? This will be on the mind of all water sports lovers.

The signing ceremony will be held on 10/26/2007 after the race in Shenzhen. In 2009, Jimmy as the backup racer will compete in all F1 International races. We believe that his joining the China Tian Rong F1 Motorboat racing Zhao Shang Bank team will make it more exciting and spectacular.

(OMG. How many more surprises jimmy will have for us. just when we thought he was sunbathing on some tropical island after the concert in shanghai what do we have! he has joined the China F1 Motorboat Racing Team. The signing ceremony will be on Oct 26, 2008 at Shenzhen. He will be the only chinese team member on the China F1 team. we know our jimmy. he's not just going to don on a racing suit. he'll actually race. i didn't even know he could race motorboat. in my 2 yrs of following his news he is so low-key. he doesn't talk about his new projects. everything came out so sudden. Poor Lin papa. he has 1 more thing to worry about his precious son, 1st car racing now motorboat racing. hope he has a strong heart.

But when will he find time to do a tv series, a movie, concert tour in 2009. when will we ever see him on screen again. well, at least we will see him in 4 days.)

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