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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rainie Yang Costume Testing For Golden Bell Awards, Says Album Sales More Important Than Winning GBA

Translation: ginying@RYIFC-NA
Source: NOW news@Yahoo

Rainie Yang tested her look for the GBA Red Carpet, wearing a Versace 2008 Spring Collection, revealing her shoulders, fully exudes a ‘semi mature’ feminine feel. Her drama, ‘Miss No Good’ also obtained No. 1 in ratings, producer Angie Chai secretly appear to celebrate.

Recently, Rainie Yang is busy with both dramas and her singing. Beside her singing appearance at GBA this Friday, the next day she will start her promotional activities for her new album’s presale. On the 28th, Rainie Yang took advantage of her free time and tested her costume for the GBA. Wearing a purple Versace creation, Rainie Yang is a picture of elegances and poise. The prints on the dress allow Rainie Yang to be fashionable yet no old, full of ‘semi mature’ feminine feel. She is really pleased with her looks and said that wearing the full ensemble made her feel as if she will be going on the red carpet now.
When asked will she do something different and wear a low cut dress to get the reporter’s reaction, she laughingly said: “Can I just reveal my eyebrows? I personally don’t like to do something glaring. I prefer something that suits my style and is comfortable with.

Rainie Yang who is nominated as best female actress in GBA has many good news lately. Her drama ‘Miss No Good’ have been competing furiously with two other drama series and finally got first in the ratings this week. After finding out, Rainie Yang was really happy. She said that everyone worked really hard for this drama, starting from zero until now, and now they received the recognition of the viewers proving that all their attentiveness and hard work is worth it.

Angie Chai bought cake to the venue to celebrate with Rainie Yang, making her very happy. Rainie Yang said that Angie Chai is one of her biggest benefactor, casting her as Xiao Yu in Meteor Garden, paving her road into drama series. From getting lead roles in Devil Beside You and Why Why Love, getting first in ratings and nomination in GBA , Angie Chai played a big part in her success.

Rainie said that, during the press conference of Meteor Garden, Angie Chai asked her to be host, at that time Rainie just an album to her name and no hosting experience to speak of, shocking her to be given such an opportunity. After that she promptly got the stint as host of Guess. Angie Chai said to Rainie: “See, I know you can!” Angie Chai’s talent scouting ability built the Rainie Yang now, making her very thankful to this benefactor of hers.

When asked between winning GBA and getting good album sales which is more important to her, Rainie said that album sales is more important because it is more practical. As to whether will she be able to win she doesn’t expect much. Instead she felt that she still need much improvements and she is happy to get a nomination. As for the media predictions that she have a high chance of winning, she said: “ Everyone have such high hopes for me, the pressure is really big. Don’t give me too much pressure. I really don’t have any expectations”

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