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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rainie Yang ChengLin Never Wears Safety Pants; Bids Farewell To the "Priestess of Cute"

Rainie Yang ChengLin is about to release her new album, 半熟宣言/Declaration of Semi-Maturity. On the 27th, she appeared on 東風娛樂通 [Dong Feng Yu Le Tong]; she expressed that, to go along with the growth and readjustment of her own moods and feelings, her style and image have also gradually become sexier. She also revealed that, throughout her career, she has never worn "safety pants." Her reasoning is this: wearing "safety pants" feels exactly the same as wearing briefs-- therefore, why not just wear briefs?!

No longer the "Priestess of Cute," Rainie expressed that she wishes to emulate her own "sexy idols," Namie Amuro and Karen Mok WenWei and send out an air and demeanor of a "little woman." However, her "sexiness" has a limit; at most, she will reveal the entire expanse of her back. "I can't reveal up to my butt, though... because my butt is whiter, so, if photographed, there'd be a difference in color!"

Rainie Yang ChengLin is on the list of nominees for this year's Golden Bell Awards (Best Female Actress); however, she doesn't have confidence in herself. Instead, she has placed her bets on her own good "sister," Ariel Lin YiChen. Rainie, whose career and schedule are jam-packed, laughed and said that, this year, she had put all of her focus on her work. Toward love, she felt very "cold"; she has no boyfriend or "target" right now-- she doesn't even have someone that she admires! However, she didn't forget to add, "If I have the opportunity next year to find a boyfriend, I hope that it can advance really quickly! to make up for the 'pity' of this year!"

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