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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FanFan Fan WeiQi Goes To a Fitting For Her Concert; Becomes a 200-cm Tall "Noblewoman"-Type Giant

News Source: NOWNews,

FanFan Fan WeiQi will be holding a concert in Taipei on November 1 and one in TaiChung on November 22; she went for a fitting today (October 22). She revealed that A-mei Chang HuiMei will be her special guest and showed off a gorgeous Bulgari outfit, worth nearly ten million (NTD). She paired it with a 20-cm high (7.9 inch) pair of high heels; this gorgeous and elegant "style" immediately transformed FanFan into a nearly 200-cm tall "noblewoman"-type giant!

FanFan was garbed in a formal white dress and wore a 20-cm high (7.9 inch) pair of heels. She looked like a "noblewoman"-type giant! She laughed and said, "I am 171.5 cm tall, so, if we add on the 20-cm high pair of heels, I'll be almost 200 cm tall! That's even taller than Blackie; at this height, I could go and play competitive women's basketball." The high heels, made of acrylic, were purchased in America; the heel of shoe appeared to be completely transparent. FanFan joked, "You can raise goldfish in the heels of these shoes!"

FanFan will not only dance with the Bang Bang Tang (Lollipop) boys, but will also challenge herself by singing in those super-high heels. She will also sing with A-mei, who she often calls "The Empress of Concerts;" in addition to singing a few of each other's songs, they will also form a "pair of sisters returning to the past" and sing "high," exciting songs together. FanFan revealed, "At the moment, the song I sing with A-mei is the concert's top secret! When the time comes, we want to make the fans scream just upon hearing it. I guarantee that it's never been seen before; I myself am really looking forward to it, too."

When the "airheaded" big sister, FanFan, appeared before the media in the guise and elegance of a grande dame or noblewoman, she didn't even notice that the diamond bracelet she wore on her wrist, worth more than $2,000,000 NTD, had slipped and fallen. The workers had to scramble and search the entire grounds for the bracelet; FanFan said sadly, still remembering the frightening experience, "When I saw that the bracelet was missing, my heart nearly stopped. If the bracelet were to really go missing during the concert, I would probably sink to the floor of the stage, in the posture of someone who's looking for their teeth or their contact lenses, to look for the jewels."

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