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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jay Chou spends 600 thousand just for one night on his MV

Source: Chinatimes

Heavenly king Jay Chou doesn't hold back when filming MVs, in order to film the MV for "Give Me The Time For One Song", he filmed it at the Hotel Inter-Continental Hong Kong renting out the Presidential Suite in April this year, he took in the fabulous night view of Hong Kong, just for one day the cost was as high as TW$600 thousand, but Jay Chou generously paid, he had love scenes with the female model Wang Si Ping in the room, at the time there were even rumours spreading about them.
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Jay Chou also borrowed the sports car Pagani Zonda F which is known as the "Spectre Son", he took shots at an old street, he smiled saying: "Finally I've filmed an MV where the car is not mine but borrowed." Famed director Andrew Lau and Shawn Yue both made visits, along with the sports car Jay Chou laughed saying: "It's like we're filming Initial D!"

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