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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ZaiZai snaps at Blue Lan: “Promotions require conscience”

Source : Mingpao
translated by x-WISHFULthinking @

ZaiZai snaps at Blue Lan: “Promotions require conscience”

Vic Zhou (ZaiZai) yesterday attended a cosmetics function with Coco Jiang. He said that he pays a lot of attention to a girl’s eyes, because a confident expression in eyes is what attracts him most; he also revealed that when he gets tired, his small eyes become bigger. ZaiZai previously had a serious relationship with Da S, and he learnt many health tips from her. He particularly places a lot of importance on eye-care, however the 2 have now split up. Earlier, Da S’s ex boyfriend Blue Lan was doing promotions for his new drama, and he brought up the subject of his old love, and he hinted that it was ZaiZai who cruelly snatched Da S away from him. In response to this, ZaiZai replied that a good promotion is when you are worthy of your conscience, and never violating the rights and interests of others. He stated that things have already passed, and he praises Blue saying he is a good actor.

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