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Monday, October 27, 2008

Da S uses herself for intimate scenes; Zhang Xiao Quan is shy and requires no audience

Da S's new movie 'My So-Called Love' was the opening for the yearly Kaohsiung Film Festival on the 24th. In the movie, she had relationships with 3 guys - Eddie Peng, Zhang Xiao Quan, and Dong Ming. With many intimate scenes, the director was even worried 'that I would film her like a prostitute'.

'My So-Called Love' is based on a true story, in it, Da S and Eddie Peng are university students who are innocently in love with each other, later she got to know Zhang Xiao Quan and descended into a sex-filled world, at last she found an opening with Dong Ming; all the intimate scenes are taken up by Zhang Xiao Quan.

Da S expressed that she has no confidence in her naked body, and when she films intimate scenes, she would wrap herself up very tightly. She also revealed that in the bed scene in 'Silk', she used a body double. This time, halfway through filming, because of the importance of the bed scenes, she asked the director if they should get a body double, but there was no time.

Though Zhang Xiao Quan has many experiences in bed scenes, Da S exclaimed, 'I've never seen a shyer guy!'. In the movie, after many years with him, she became a very 'forward' person and seduced him. He was supposed to pull Da S's skirt up and grap her breasts, but he couldn't do it. Seeing that time was wasting, Da S suggested that everyone leave the scene, thus the two of them could finally proceed.

Da S is about to produce another movie, this time home-grown movies are popular. But 'Cape No 7's popularity has good and bad consequences for her. Her previous movie 'Connected', came out around the same time as 'Cape', hence the taiwanese box office for her movie didn't do well, but this time 'My So-Called Love' could do well because of the rising popularity of home-grown movies. However, 'Cape's leading lady Chie Tanaka was also invited to the Kaohsiung Film Festival, but the organisers purposely did not let her attend the opening ceremony, on the grounds that she stole Da S's glory, showing their concern for the opening's leading lady.

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