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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Joe Cheng is not afraid of filming bed scene; bluntly stated might get married with Ariel Lin

20th October, Taiwanese Idol Series male actor Zheng Yuan Chang has accepted an interview with when arrived to Changsha to record the Happy Camp show. The interview session was conducted under a quick questions and answers condition, from a list of questions that were being asked by the reporter, Zheng Yuan Chang was giving tight-lipped answers while answering them, sure living up his title as [The King of perfunctory] in Taiwan’s Entertainment Industry.

Not afraid of bed scene during acting
In Idol Series [They Kiss Again] because of Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin’s passionate bed scene during their [First Night], the tv series was be called as [TV version’s of Lust, Caution], widening the measurement for the first time for the idol series. While in [Honey and Clover], Zheng Yuan Chang also share a daring lingering bed scene with Tarcy Su in Japan, sharing a bath together, startling everyone. Seems like even idol series is also taking the sexual passion path; about the filming measurement, Zheng Yuan Chang said: [As an actor, as long as the story requires it, bed scene or passionate scene will also be accepted.]

Getting married with Lin Yi Chen
Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen are being said to be the intimate partner in Taiwanese Idol Series, both of them have been collaborated in [It Started With A Kiss], [They Kiss Again] and the series that is currently filming [Love or Bread], their 3rd collaboration will be hard not to sparks out any chemistry.

Zheng Yuan Chang bluntly said: [I like filial, understanding, optimistic girls,] while Lin Yi Chen happens to have all of these criteria. While facing questions that are related to the both of them plus the hope from the fans [Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin together forever”, Zheng Yuan Chang said: [Maybe during the 5th collaboration we would have got married already!]

Having chances to invade the music industry next year
From model to an actor and to CLOVER BAND, “Young and Handsome” Zheng Yuan Chang is preparing to invade the music industry next year, becoming a full versatile artist.

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