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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Joe Chen shows up in almost 0 degree celcius Beijing in short skirt; Rushing to Taiwan to attend Golden Bell Award

On the night of the 29th, Ent.163 reporter met Taiwan beauty Joe Chen who became popular in Taiwan after starring in "Fated to Love You". Wearing a checkered short skirt, she revealed her beautiful long legs and ignored the near ice temperature of Beijing. When the ent.163 reporter congratulated her on being nominated for the Golden Bell Award and wished her luck in getting the award, she happily responded and thanked her for the support.

Before 7, there were already more than ten fans waiting at the airport exit in a formation to await their idol. It was until 10 that Joe Chen, in a pair of huge sunglasses, and her assistant slowly walked out. Joe who filmed a very exciting bed scene with Ethan Ruan in "Fated to Love You" wore a short checkered skirt to match with her boots, continuing with the pure yet sexy look.

On that night, Beijing's temperature was already near 0 degree celcius and there were already cold wind blowing even inside the airport terminal. Beautiful and "Freezing" Joe was immediately recognised. When the ent.163 reporter went up to question Joe, she was immediately crowded around by many fans too and the outgoing personality of the China fans shocked Joe. She immediately used the card on hre hand to cover her face and slowly moved forward amist the crowd. In the process, fans kept chatting with her and she will happily reply. Even when faced with fans declaring their love, she also answered loudly "Love la!". She seemed to be in a good mood.

In the industry for 8 years already and based on "Fated", Joe was nominated for the first time for the Golden Bell Award best Female and the ent.163 reporter congratulated her on that. She responded "Very thankful for your support!"

Once outside the airport, Joe started to shiver and immediately ducked inside the car without a car number that was waiting for her and left hurriedly.

It is rumored that Joe's trip to Beijing this time is to attend the 6th China's International Television Festival on the 30th with Ming Dao to promote their new drama "Stay by the Sunlight Stay by You". On the 30th night, she will take CX6891 plane from Beijing to Hong Kong and at 11pm, she will change plane to fly back to Taipei and attend that night's Golden Bell Award ceremony.

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