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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jay Chou doesn't admit to 'Double J'

During his interview with Apple Daily, Jay Chou used the term 'healthy relationship' to describe his former relationship with Patty Hou, but did not admit to his alleged relationship with Jolin Tsai.

'Like everyone else, donning face masks and riding a bike to go to the night market or see movies and enjoying an ordinary man's happiness,' he said of his and Patty Hou's relationship.

Earlier in the year, Jolin admitted to the 'Double J' relationship in an interview and hinted that Jay cheated on her; she also said that she was the last to know about the 'Chou-Hou' relationship. Jay said that when he saw the report he was very confused: 'What was that for? Why did she say that?!' and also said, 'She has her story, I have mine. They are both different.'

Since the other party has confessed, why doesnt he? Jay got agitated and said, 'What do you want me to confess? I confess that i'm already very tired just being myself, a lot of people know about it, there is no need to force me to confess to anything. Besides, its been very difficult to get away from our names always being fused together.'

He added that if the media gets wind of a romance, it would no longer belong to him and his girlfriend. 'It gets even more tiring when you consider our respective fans.'

There are rumours that Jolin would follow in his footsteps and set up her own company. He said, 'She hasn't asked for my opinion, but thats a good idea. As long as she doesn't go to find Chen Zhe Shan (former EMI chairman and present Hua Na chairman).'

Last year he accused then EMI chairman Chen Zhe Shan of falsifying sales records, and Jolin was one of EMI's artistes. He got even more agitated as he said, 'After that incident, we didn't contact each other again, but I was really trying to protect her.'

There are rumours that Jolin would join Chen Zhe Shan again in Hua Na, to that Jay said coldly, 'Then she had better be careful (of him).'

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