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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jerry's Interview- About the Concert, Jerry vs F4, Jerry vs Jerry, About the Fans

Jerry words on the insert of the Japanese Concert Programme

To all the fans,
Thanks so very much to every one of you who have stayed by F4 and been grown with us.
We are like old schoolmates who are here today to reminisce all about F4 from the beginning till now.
All are part of our growth as F4, though there maybe laughter and tears at times.
I will have more confidence to walk on from here on with all of you always by my side.
Thank you very much.


~ How did you feel when you initially knew about F4 having a concert in Japan?

When I heard for it the first time, ‘What! Japan?’ popped into my mind.
But my Japanese isn’t very good, so would that be a problem?
Would I be able to perform to my best?
I was considering all these. Furthermore besides my inner uncertainties, I was worried if I could actually do it.
With continuous rehearsals and as the concert date drew nearer, my uncertainties and worries dissipated. On the contrary, I was looking forward to the concert.
The night before the performance, just thinking of seeing everyone, I got so excited that I couldn’t sleep. (laugh)

~ What does this concert mean to me?

Such a large scale concert, it will forever be an opportunity for me to grow.
Besides the inevitable pressure, it has become to me a motivating force.
With the F4 concerts these past 2 years, being together with my mates, we truly understand each other and it can be a different stimulus.

~ What do you hope the fans can feel when watching F4’s performance?

I hope that everyone would be able to see our own growth and to give everyone a brand-new feeling.
My mates also feel the same way.
But the matter about growth, it is not up to one to define. I hope that the fans can feel that we are ‘still growing’.

~ What about your personal performance?

Everyone has a different liking to visuals. As for my personal performance, I don’t think that a 120% performance might be visible.
But I hope that everyone can feel something new.
Though it’s only me but I hope that everyone can feel that ‘he’s different from before’ or ‘Jerry is really growing’, responses like these really makes me very happy.
The details of the concert . . . . . . That is a secret so please look forward to the concert.


~ The most memorable thing together with F4?

There are many actually but the most memorable would be the Hong Kong Coliseum concert 2 years ago.
I know that it is under renovations now but I remember how it was 2 years ago.
What made me work even harder was that I wanted to give everyone the best performance.
We worked so hard and it was all was not in vain. I feel so blessed and that was very memorable and I was very touched.

What does it mean to be together with your mates?

It was many years ago that we had met for the first time.
I’ve had different experiences and growth. But when we met at first, we were all new. So we have a special relationship.
We are all busy with our own things and basically we seldom contact one another.
So once a while when we do meet up, it is like being together with schoolmates, we naturally play and chat with one another.
So the atmosphere immediately reverted back to how it was before, our relationship has not changed at all.

My feelings about my other mates.

I look forward to my future and I have my dreams as well.
Though the 4 of us seldom have a chance to work together but I will always wish the very best for them. We encourage each other and it will always be this way.
Ken and I are Capricorns.
I’m more of a kid and Ken is like a big brother. He is always the one who worries for us.
Ken is very particular about his matters.
Vic has changed and grown the most. I am so happy that I want to work harder along my own path too.
Vanness is always like the Sun, always making everyone so happy.
The show will be wonderful and I’m looking forward to this performance.


~ What is the greatest obstacle (or distress) that you have face thus far?

To be frank, I have never imagined that this TV serial could have so popular.
And also how it had received such overwhelming responses.
I have been very careful every step of the way from ‘Meteor Garden’ till now.
As I need to shoulder the fans’ expectations so I do not wish to fail. My self-imposed pressure is my greatest distress.
Everyone’s expectations and my own demands on myself have become pressures.
Conversely, isn’t a risky opportunity an opportunity in itself?
Most of the pressures have become a motivational force for my growth. And it is such a formidable force

~ If you met yourself when you first started out, what would you say to yourself?

My character is too forthright and so it’s better not to be in the Entertainment Circle.
But if I weren’t in the Entertainment Circle, I won’t be here. Everyone won’t be supporting me and all these touching moments would be no more too.
So I will believe in myself, be undaunted in my beliefs and keep working harder.
The Sun always shines on you. The most important is to walk on with an innocent and righteous

~ What about your plans from now on?

All the other mates have their own different plans for the future.
As for myself, I hope to have challenges on different job aspects!
As an actor, my job scope is more or less definite in terms of acting skills and what needs to be done. But I hope to do things that I haven’t done before.
To be able to see myself doing very well in something new!
Personally, I will prepare well for my job! (laugh)

About the Fans

~ What are the fans’ existence to you?

Since I’ve been this business, all of you have given so much support and so much strength.
I will always be extremely grateful.
Fans to me are like the relationship between the Sun and Man. Without the light from the Sun, there would neither be any energy nor strength.
Though the Sun may only exist in a certain corner at a time, but without it everything would be enveloped in darkness.
Fans to me are like the light from the Sun, they are essential to existence.

~ Relationship with Fans

To tell the truth, please don’t be so ‘reckless’, alright!
If only everyone can be like the sunshine, giving me light and warmth that would be my greatest support and encouragement. (laugh)


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