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Monday, October 20, 2008

Vic Chou (ZaiZai) Buys Property; "Accidentally" Escapes Recent Finance Disaster

After breaking up with Barbie Hsu XiYuan (Da S), Vic Chou YuMin (ZaiZai) has been busy filming dramas and movies and learning how to invest in stocks and real estate. He was able to "escape" relatively unscathed from the most recent finance disaster, however, by withdrawing immediately. Seeing his friends losing money and looking very sad, Vic could only beat his chest and say, "I was really lucky!"

Barbie spends most of her money on name-brand clothes and accesories; Vic spends his on expensive cars. He said that one of his ulterior motives for investing in real estate was to stop the mouths of his relatives! When his family hears that he has bought yet another car, they always begin to scold and nag; they are afraid that he will forget everything in the pursuit of his hobby. Vic was indignant: "I work so hard! Buying cars is my way of relaxing. All the money we have, I've earned. I don't know why they keep scolding me."

Consequently, Vic bought three houses for the various members of his family. He even rushed to purchase-- at a cheap price-- an 800-ping (approximately 2645 square meters) property in his old town of YiLan before the opening of the Hsuehshan Tunnel. The price of land has recently increased manifold; he said happily, "This land is our 'generation-to-generation treasure.'"

F4 held their last concert in Osaka on October 19. At the celebration party, Vic drank and competed against the working personnel and staff. When asked about his 美味關係 [Mei Wei Guan Xi] [Sweet Relationship], which was not nominated for this year's Golden Bell Awards, however, he became serious and said, "Not being nominated is very normal. It's certainly true that there are a lot of things I need to improve or correct in my acting. Only then can I reach the standards of the Golden Bell Award judging committee."

News Source: ChinaTimes,

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