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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jolin sells new album; Too lazy to fight with Jay

Source: The Liberty Times
Jolin (Tsai Yi Ling) will be releasing her new english album cum book soon, enticing another 'Double J' fight; As Jolin is unable to go for promotions, her company could only quietly start pre-orders. Facing a strong opponent like Jay, whose company invested 5 million in promotional fees, Jolin will face a fight soon!

Jolin was originally intended to release her album/book, 'Love Exercise' in March this year, but it was delayed till October. It is rumoured that Jolin had problems with gold label 'Da Feng' (former EMI album) which led to the delay. But her company explained that at first they wished to release the album at the same time, but it was stuck in China while editing; now that editing is finished, they will immediately release it.

Jay spends money for promotion, Jolin keeps quiet

Even though her new album will be released soon, Jolin will not have promotions, maybe because she is leaving the company soon. But her manager denied that being the reason, saying that its only because Jolin doesn't even have time for promotions; firstly, earlier there were already lots of promotional pictures, and secondly, Jolin already has commercials, recordings, and 10 concerts to hold for the next half year.

With Jolin not doing any promotions, her new album has already quietly started pre-orders on the 17th. The 'Double J' competition, for Jolin, has already turned into a war, especially with Jay's 'Capricorn' album, who wants to film all 11 MVs, need already 2 million, added with producing and promotion, the total sum is 5 million.

Gold Label Da Feng expressed that even though she is unable to do promotions, they have already agreed to collaborate with many websites and television companies, especially doing something special on radio. Her new single 'I won't last a day without you' has already started airing on radios the day before. They will also make music videos - everything that can be done has been done. Jolin's manager also said that Jolin's new album will not cause a 'Double J' chart fighting problem.

Price of new album high, fans cannot afford it

Jolin's new album has a very high price, the pre-order will cost almost six hundred taiwanese dollars; netizens have said that it is too high and they cannot afford it. Her company explained that it will have 10 english songs, with DVD, and it all has been made by the highest quality materials, thats why the price is so high.

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