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Sunday, October 26, 2008

No ROM date for Fann yet

Asia One

Frustrated Fann Wong fans who have been waiting for her to name her wedding day will have to hang on a little longer. The home-grown actress is staying mum on the actual date, but gave a stronger hint of its timing in a recent interview with Urban.

Fann, 37, said she will tie the knot with long-time actor beau Christopher Lee 'probably in end 2009'.

Earlier on, she had hinted that the middle of next year was the likely timing for what promises to be Singapore's Wedding of the Year, involving as it does the union of MediaCorp 'royalty'.

Fann, however, is blithely nonchalant.

She still hasn't set a date at the Registry Of Marriages, she told Urban during a one-on-one interview two weeks ago at the opening of Bella Skin Care's newly relocated centre in Jurong Point. She has been the beauty chain's spokesmodel since 2002.

The larger 1,400 sq m centre at B1-60 offers more than 70 types of treatments for skin conditions ranging from pigmentation and freckles to acne scars and wrinkles.

On her lack of nuptial nerves, Fann said with a laugh in Mandarin: 'I think I just have no sense of urgency.'

Far from being a Bridezilla, she has happily ceded the wedding planning to Lee and her good pal, hairstylist David Gan.

On how she'd like her wedding gown to be - the thing that matters most to many brides - she has only a vague idea.

'It has to be classic yet fashionable and easy to wear all day. Nothing gaudy, no sequins or puffy sleeves, hopefully.'

Good thing Gan is well-versed in her taste.

He told Urban he has whittled the list down to three designers - Vera Wang, Elie Saab and Dries Van Noten.

Van Noten might even be designing a gown just for her, he revealed.

He has also narrowed the venue down to two hotels which can accommodate the couple's 1,000 guests. It will probably be either Shangri-La or The Ritz-Carlton, although the former 'doesn't have the curtains I want' while the latter 'doesn't have the lights that I would like'.

The perfectionist said he was looking for heavy drapes and certain lights to create the right mood.

The celeb coiffeur, who was quoted by Shin Min Daily News on Wednesday as saying the wedding was set for next September, denied giving the date but shared that he is leaning towards either 'Mongolian or Russian-inspired' for the wedding theme because he wants the big day to be a grand affair.

While fans wait for the final decisions to be made, the actress, whose creamy complexion has always been the envy of many, shares how she keeps her skin glowing.

How are you gearing up to get your skin in tip-top condition for your big day?

My current favourite treatment is Bella's latest DermaTech Age Defense Solution ($350 for a two-hour session). It targets most of my skin problems like fine lines, redefines my face contours and evens out my skin tone.

It also builds up my skin's immunity so it is not so sensitive any more.

I don't think I need to worry about having a special regimen for my wedding since being on this treatment will keep my skin healthy and glowing.

What's your favourite Bella Skin Care product?

It would definitely be the Oxy Skin Revitalizing Spray ($80 for 250ml). Every time my skin feels fatigued or dry, I just spray it on my face, even if I've got make-up on. It's great for calming down my sensitive skin and refreshes me immediately. I just wish it came in a smaller can so that I can take it with me on flights.

Tell us your best skincare secret.

It is very important to keep my skin hydrated, so I try to drink as much 'good' water as possible every day.

By 'good' water, I mean mineral, filtered or distilled water, as these types of water can be absorbed by my skin quickly to prevent dehydration.

It's not so much the quantity of water I drink, but the quality of the water that keeps my skin in good condition.

Does your diet affect the condition of your skin?

Yes, definitely. I eat plain and light food like sashimi and porridge because my stomach cannot take oily and fried food.

I also eat lots of food with high water content such as fruit to keep myself sufficiently hydrated.

How has your skin changed as you grow older and what changes have you made to your beauty regimen as a result?

My skin concerns now include freckles and pigmentation - a result of the long hours spent under the sun at work.

However, thanks to modern science and Bella, I'm able to prevent these problems from worsening.

Are you afraid of losing your looks as you age?

Ageing is inevitable. All we can do is to accept it and age gracefully.

This article was first published in Urban, The Straits Times on Oct 24, 2008.
Karen Tee
Sun, Oct 26, 2008
Urban, The Straits Times

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