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Friday, October 31, 2008

Charlene's Journey in Denmark learn the true meaning of Happiness

Translation by Alec'slover @

Following the production team, Charlene went to Denmark, the world's happiest place, to shoot <> a documentary**, while at the same time photoshooting for a cloth advertisement. The first day she phootshoot for more than 6 hours for fall and winter clothing, bringing along her own private collection of clothes, Charlene used mix and match to bring uniqueness to the photoshoot. Then she went off to meet the local people. The more exchange Charlene have with the local families, and experiencing the simple joy of their living culture, made her realize the true meaning of happiness. She found out that Danish people like to share fairy tales with people, especially inside a family. Parents will use puppets to play different roles to make the children happy, Charlene who works in the entertainment industry mixed in easily, she used the puppets to make the children laugh, and seeing them laugh she couldn't help but laugh along as well. Charlene spoke English the whole time she was in Denmark, but because the local family wasn't fluent in English she was only able to use body language to make communication better. In her six-day stay, she also baked cookies and rode bicycles around town with the families.

Because it was her first time in Denmark, before going she did research on the area, and found out the average climate was only 2 to 3 degree C. Known for not doing so well in cold whether, Charlene brought extra autumn and winter clothes, and she said she was lucky she was only photoshooting fall and winter clothes. During free time she brought with her a camera and kept snapping pictures wherever she go and told reporters she lost a lot of films to the landscape sceneries of Denmark. Also after snapping so many pictures she learned certain objects have more shadows/reflections for example oil paintings, with these tips in hand, Charlene jokingly proclaimed herself a photographic master.

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