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Friday, October 24, 2008

Fann and Chris to wed in Sep '09

Fann and Chris to wed in Sep '09
Asia One

Friends of Fann Wong and Christopher Lee have revealed that their wedding has been fixed in Sept next year.

While rumours have been rife since the beginning of this year that the high profile couple will be getting married soon, no firm plans were announced yet.

But Lianhe WanBao reported that celebrity hairstylist David Gan let slip during an interview that his "kids" will be wed by next year, and that they like the number "9". From this reporters conjecture that the wedding will be held in September, but he refused to divulge the actual date of the big day.

Separately, Caldecott's leading lady, Zoe Tay, has also hinted that "there will be a big auspicious event next September that will keep the media busy."

There are quite a few celebrity weddings rumoured to be scheduled for 2009, including Michelle Chia, Shaun Chen and Kym Ng.

Fann Wong herself had earlier joked that she will wed long time beau Christopher Lee on 090909 (Sept 9, 2009) on the Himalayas. Most had thought that she was kidding then, but it seems now that it may be true.

White wedding for Fann

When interviewed by Lian He WanBao, close friend and wedding planner David Gan dropped some hints about their wedding plans.

As he has been busy flying to New York and Bhutan for work purposes, David claims that he hasn't had time for wedding preparations so far.

"So far it's been quite disorganised," he laughed. "But there's still time, since they're only getting married next year."

He has, however, contacted three renowned international fashion designers about her wedding gown, one of them being Vera Wang. He revealed too that Christopher's tuxedo will be made in a classic style.

The "white" wedding will also be held at a six-star hotel. According to Gan, the couple cannot decide between Ritz Carlton or Shangri-la, as the former presented lighting probelms, while the latter's ballroom's curtains do not suit their needs. They are also considering having curtains custom-made for the ballroom to the tune of $10,000.

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